Eric Wils
Eric Wils (Managing director)
Marc Wils
Marc Wils (Director)
Pierre Wils
Pierre Wils ( 30.10.1935-28.05.2012 )

Quality :

the key to our succes


Meat company “Vleesbedrijf P. Wils” is “the specialist” in the de-boning of pig’s heads.
The company founded by Pierre Wils in 1957, is now driven by the second generation.

Over a period of more than 64 years, the meat company “Vleesbedrijf P. Wils” has evolved from being a local producer to becoming an important partner in the meat-processing industry – worldwide.

Our success is based on one key element that permeates all levels of our company, namely quality, an ideal that is realised daily by all employees at our factory in Grobbendonk.

All employees are given responsibility for quality and operate as part of a functional team.
For meat company “Vleesbedrijf P. Wils”, every satisfied customer helps us to realise our vision:
 “to maintain and expand our position as an important producer in the world market”

Wils Chronicle

1957   Company foundation by Pierre Wils. He started with trading of by-products and the deboning of beef heads.

1960   Pierre Wils started to debone pig heads.

1985   Cooperation with the company Fernandez-Turnez. The production capacity was +/- 80 T of pig heads/week and +/- 1.000 beef heads/week.

1987   Acquisition of Fernadez-Turnez. Move to new location in Deurne, Belgium. Pierre Wils introduced his sons, Eric and Marc.

1991   Installation of the 1st pig head deboning line.

1998   Move to new office and manufacturing location in Grobbendonk, Belgium. Installation of the 2nd pig head deboning line. Production capacity increased to +/- 450 Ton pig heads/week.

1999   Installation of a Petfood facility.

2000   Eric and Marc Wils became director.

2008   Validated Self-Checking Quality System (QA).

2009   Vleesbedrijf P. Wils gained certification against BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and his self-checking system (QA).

2011   Pierre Wils died at the age of 75 (30.10.1935 – 28.05.2011).

2017   Vleesbedrijf P. Wils exists 60 years.

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